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In Business Concept we believe that customer satisfaction is the top priority, for this reasons we strive to provide the information and assistance you need when you need it.

Please if you have any problems in registration or purchase Bulk SMS or even your message delivery errors. contact us


How do I register for a new SMS Easy?
once you installed SMS Easy desktop application you, insert the serial No. shipped with your product and be sure that you are connected to the internet in order to complete registration process.  

How many countries/networks are supported ?
you can see coverage list on our web site, also you can get familiar with the unit cost and country prefix.

How do I buy more extra bulk messages?  
you can check our website link Buy Now so you can choose one of the payment methods ,as soon as you complete money transfere your account will be charged automatically. for further information about Recharge more credits
please contact 
+965 5081119
or send your order details our e-mail

How do I get SMS Easy software ?
you can buy our software from your local distributor and you can download it directly from our website.

How much does this service cost?
you can check the unit cost from our cost list so you can optimize your campaign  cost be sure that the message may cost more than one unit, and that the price of the unit vary from provider to onother.

does the application integrates with my business?
you can integrate your sms easy with your business , SMS Easy provides you with the feature of creating your own groups , so you can classify your group of business to be ready when you need to deliver business critical information such as meetings, reminders, etc,...

for any other information or inquiry please never hesitate to contact us



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