Text Messaging - The future ...

     The future of all mobile marketing is set to continue its dramatic rise. Despite the fact that new messaging formats are being widely discussed and hyped in the media, simple SMS texting with 160 characters will be the standard format for many years to come, BUSINESS CONCEPT adapted this new technology recently developed a series of desktop messaging applications:

SMS-Easy , SMS-Lite , SMS-Business , SMS-School
to help you to discover and develop a new horizons in marketing, customer relationship and other SMS Scope.


Import Mobile Contacts (*.VCF), (*.contact) files "New"
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the utility for any account type

Update to 8 Numbers"New"
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the update utility for any account type

New Network

SMS Easy  adds 40  new countries to the coverage  enables you to send your messages to more than  200 country allover the world. 

 Hot Lines:

Mob: + 965 - 66
          + 965 - 65081112
+ 965 - 67074443
          + 965 - 67074442
+ 965 - 66944594
          + 965 - 66

Mob: + 965 - 6
SMS Easy Features :


 - Time-Efficient.
 - Cost-Effective.
 - English/Arabic Interface.
 - Simple & User-Friendly.
Grouping Functionality
 - Delivery Confirmation.
 - 200 Country Coverage.
 - Registered Sender ID.
 - Cheapest Unit Cost.
 - Buy Bulk Easily.
No monthly fees.
 - No expiration date.
 - Instant Support.

New Products :

 - SMS EASY 5.0.3
 - SMS Lite 3.0.4

 - SMS Business 1.0.2

 - SMS
Enterprise API




       Why SMS Easy ?!!


Powerful Connection

You are a business wanting to communicate or market to your customers
You are an organization wanting to send group messages such as event notifications, promotions or bulk SMS alerts.
You are an individual looking to send a quick message or group text messages to all your friends.

Field Workers Notification



   Benefits :                           SMS Easy  is revolutionizing the way companies bring in business. It is quick, cheap and reaches customers wherever they are ...

- Ensuring that communication is readily received and        understood through the pervasiveness of Mobile networks and the simplicity of SMS.

- Building increased client satisfaction and loyalty through the immediate and proactive Communication of information that is appropriate to the user.

- Reducing costs, both by channeling communication through the lower cost SMS medium, and by relieving pressure on high-cost channels such as contact centers

- Driving the accuracy and reliability in its communication efforts through direct integration into back-end systems and being able to track the delivery of each message sent.

  Coverage :
SMS Easy  using SMS Easy desktop applications enables you to send your messages to more than 200 country allover the world. 

  Advertising :
The timing of your text messaging campaign can have a dramatic effect on the response rate. It is worth testing to identify the most responsive time to send your message.

Valuable Tips for SMS Promotions:
  • Interactivity is a must. Successful messages will be those that invite participation and response.
  • Add some value, and nothing adds value like free stuff.
  • Hit the target. Acceptance of text advertising stems from the relevance of the products and services promoted.
  • Facilitate easy opt-out. Maintaining control of the flow of messages to a mobile device is perceived as highly important by users. Right now, the SMS space is where interesting stuff arrives. So spam messaging could easily backfire.

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